polyglot plume

M. Acuff

Mar 1–Mar 31, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 2, 2019

The slow, invasive, inescapable violence of capitalist-driven climate change blooms all around us. Our imaginations reel with its collective spectacle and also its denial. Vision feels suspect, slippery, slick. M Acuff’s practice lives inside the contradictions that contemporary images and materials occasion, pushing them to their representational extremes and beyond. Attempting to get at what cannot be visualized yet must be: the scale, reach and thoroughness of industrial alteration, biochemical contamination and habitat loss, all of which defy ordinary human perception. At times elegiac, at times irreverent, Acuff conjures imagery and objects aimed at bearing witness to the remote forces of our common ruination.

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Photo credit: John Whitten

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