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a birthday celebration

curated by Hannah Newman

Feb 1–Feb 24, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 2, 2019

2019 marks 30 years since the invention of the world wide web. Within this brief time, the internet has radically reshaped the landscape and trajectory of our world, physically and virtually. The world wide web’s system of embedded links and hyperlinks is the primary conduit used to access the internet and remains largely responsible for the formal and navigational qualities of the internet as we know it. To commemorate the WWW’s big three-O, Carnation Contemporary presents http://www: a birthday celebration,  an exhibition of works on and about the internet.

Perhaps simply a giant self-portrait of humanity (a meta-selfie, if you will), the internet offers a dizzying array of high, and low, frivolous and profound, endless content in a constantly shifting composition. “The web by its nature is surrealist: a shattered, contradictory, and fragmented medium.”* In this spirit, http://www: a birthday celebration offers a diverse array of work exploring the internet as content, form, system, medium and experience--disparate configurations like open browser windows co-existing on a bright screen.

Throughout the month of February the birthday party will continue through talks, screenings, streams, and feeds—on and offline—to discuss, challenge, celebrate and reckon with the mediating series of relationships we call the internet.

Featured Artists:
Bjørn Magnhildøen, Elizabeth Withstandley, Julia Tatiyatrairong, Justin Lincoln, Larissa Garcia, Louis Frehring, MidGray (Simon Boas + Kris Blackmore) + Catherine Chen, Morgan Buck, Nathan Paul Rice, Olivia No, Qigemu (April Lin + Jasmine Lin), Sarah C. Blanchette, Tannon Reckling, Tricia Knope, Zach Whitworth


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Photo credit: John Whitten

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Open Hours
12-5 Saturday-Sunday

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