I Want to Lie Upon an Open Hillside

Renee Couture

Jan 5–Jan 27, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, January 5, 2019

There are numerous adages containing the word fence: “Good fences make good neighbors,” “Fear is the highest fence,” “Don’t make a fence more expensive or more important than what it is fencing,” and “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” to name a few.

Fences are man-made barriers that mark definite boundaries and show ownership. They enclose, surround, confine, separate, and protect. By fencing in a piece of land, a space becomes a specific place, filling with memory, longing, and desire. Couture’s work seeks to reconcile romantic and pristine notions of landscape with the reality that places bear the influence of humans and reflect our culture, which shifts and changes over time.

For the past three years, Couture has focused on boundaries, how they impact they our lives, how we move through the world, and how we value a site.

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Photo credit: John Whitten

Renee Couture receives support from the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency funded by the State of Oregon.

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