Second Date

Carnation Members

June 19 - July 4, 2021

Opening Reception

Sunday, June 20th*

Open Hours

Fri-Sun 12-5pm*
drop in or by appointment 

to schedule a visit

*limited capacity, masks required

Exhibition Statement

First Date, Carnation Contemporary’s inaugural group show in September 2019, came off with all of the telltale signs of a new endeavor, replete with giddy anticipation and nerves. A series of imaginative and immersive experiences followed throughout our first season, and the future loomed luscious and bright. After a remarkable year loaded with loss, grief, progress, and growth, Second Date is an opportunity for the members of Carnation Contemporary, and our community, to come together. With the new summer season comes open windows, fresh air, and the opportunity to start anew –a second chance. Featuring Carnation Members Brittney Connelly, Carolyn Hopkins, Hannah Newman, Jeremy LeGrand, Leslie Vigeant, M Acuff, Marcelo Fontana, Maria Lux, Matthew Bennett Laurents, Renee Couture, Russell Borne, and Simon Boas / Midgray, we invite you to join us as we open in gallery and come together again.


Brittney Connelly

Carolyn Hopkins

Hannah Newman

Jeremy LeGrand

Leslie Vigeant

M Acuff

Marcelo Fontana

Maria Lux

Matthew Bennett Laurents

Renee Couture

Simon Boas / Midgray


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