On the Tip of My Tongue

Curated by Katherine Spinella and Kristin Hough

December 7 – December 22, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Open Hours

Fri-Sun 12-5pm 


Saturday, Dec 7th at 5:40–6:00pm
A group reading of Jayne Telephones,
a text project by Sarah Rushford. 

On the Tip of My Tongue explores the space that resides between thought and speech, intent and action, self and other, land and nation. The work in this exhibition mines topics such as the educational-industrial complex, the undocumented experience of resilience and resistance, and the uneasiness of occupying a motionless body while being hurled through the air in flight. Katherine Spinella (Portland, OR) and Kristin Hough (Los Angeles, CA) curated together multimedia works from 34 artists throughout the United States that use performance, symbols, instructions, transcriptions, lists, sequencing, and the materiality of a single phrase in order to comment on and connect to language. This exhibition reminds us that language impacts our bodies as a set of unfixed relationships, and that our unconscious, whether personal or collective, recalls images first.

Co-curated by Katherine Spinella and Kristin Hough 

ChaeWon Moon, Brandon Barr, Theodore William Arnold, Alyson Provax, Hasler Gomez, Sarah Rushford, Amanda Beekhuizen, Paul Shortt, Rachel Livedalen, Jonathan Bagby, Karen Larson-Voltz, Agnese Cebere, Amy Burek, Anthony Warnick, Erinn Kathryn, Rachel Deane, Chantal Zakari, Kevin Smith, Collin Richard, Ron Linn, Colin Kippen, Zach Clark, Angela Willetts, Noah Breuer, Julia Bradshaw, Flatpack Publications & Hiba Ali, Luke Buser, Darryl Lauster, Kelly Clark, Mary V. Marsh, Nathan Pietryknowski, Lorna Stevens, Brandi Kruse, James Gouldthrope

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Photo credit: John Whitten

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