Renee Couture

Glide, OR


Renee Couture graduated from Buena Vista University (Storm Lake, IA) with a BA in Studio Art and Spanish. She spent the next four years rambling throughout the United States and South America working a wide range of jobs from camp counselor to wild land fire fighter to gourmet goat cheese maker, international backpacker to bank employee.

Couture’s work has been exhibited nationally in group exhibitions and as a solo artist. She has exhibited as a solo artist at Lane Community College (Eugene, OR), Chemeketa Community College (Salem, OR), Eastern Oregon University (LaGrande, OR), Minot State University (Minot, NE), The Brink Gallery (Missoula, MT), and The Wood Gallery (Montpelier, VT).

Currently, Couture lives on seven acres in rural southern Oregon with her husband, two dogs and two cats. She works out of a retrofitted 20-foot camper turned studio space located in her garden.

8371 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Open Hours
12-5 Friday-Sunday

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