Highest Form of Flattery

Russell Borne

Apr 6 – Apr 31, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Borne’s reincarnations of historic works of art give both homage and perversion to the original by bringing them back to life. The pieces and artists represent different facets of his interests in decentralizing and de-commercializing the experience of art.

Featuring reincarnated versions of work by iconic artists like Beuys and Marioni, Borne’s newest work invites the viewer to rethink and re-experience the past in a display neither nostalgic nore genuine. As a photocopy of an original gets distorted with each copy, this exhibition is meant to celebrate that distortion.

Click here to see more of Russell Borne’s work or visit his website at www.russellborne.com


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Photo credit: John Whitten

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