A Year of Isolation Things got weird

A Small Group Exhibition

February 13 - February 28, 2021

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Exhibition Opening Feb 20: 6pm Instagram Live tour with introduction of artists Buket and Henrik. Small groups for in person showings.

Exhibition Statement

As we start to come out of this pandemic, we will do so carefully and awkwardly. Bruised and battered, we are attempting to get back on our feet again and mend the broken civility we once had. This exhibition is a reflection on new awkwardnesses we have developed from being so isolated. It’s about the feeling of time, wasting away while you wait for something to end.


Russell Borne www.russellborne.com/

Instagram: @russellborne

Atorie Bu www.atoriebu.com/

Instagram: @atoriebu

Henrik Soerensen

Instagram: @henrikmunksoerensen


Russell Borne’s work creates a dialog invented through the interaction of objects to tell a story. He explores cultural identity using signs and signifiers to pause and flip preconceptions of what you are looking at. Borne has spent the majority of his career in design and art direction for various international companies. Borne lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Henrik Munk Soerensen grew up in northern Denmark. He writes, “Sometimes anxiety, death and failure lurk below the surface, or a sinking feeling of watching the bus drive off in the distance, sometimes I fragment my reality into shapeable pieces and push them back into the world as seductive objects, poetic thoughts or chance encounters.”   Henrik currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Atorie Bu
    Touch clay every day
    continual shaping with the hand,
    material balance with idea.
    seed and plant, stone and architecture. 
    experiments in
    glaze chemistry and clay body blends
    formulating a textured library of
    functional slipware and unique sculptural pieces.

Buket Kınalıkaya and Elliot Chaplin live and work in Istanbul, Turkey


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