A Birthday Celebration

Carnation Contemporary member Hannah Newman is accepting proposals for a group exhibition she is curating for the month of February 2019

2019 marks 30 years since the invention of the world wide web. Within this brief time, the internet has radically reshaped the landscape and trajectory of our world, physically and virtually.

To commemorate the WWW’s big three-O, Carnation Contemporary’s Hannah Newman presents http://www : a birthday celebration, an exhibition of works on and about the internet.

For http://www : a birthday celebration, three categories of submissions will be accepted:
    1. works for exhibition
    2. web page submissions
    3. proposals for talks and presentations.

Possible explorations could include:
    • Spirituality, fantasy, research, colonization, politics of the internet
    • Web ecology
    • Cultural production in the internet age
    • Information pushers
    • The internet as system
    • The internet as perpetuation
    • The internet as sentient
    • Social media as landscape
    • Self-surveillance and the internet
    • Etc.

The possibilities are as endless as the internet.

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12-5 Friday-Sunday

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