The History of Forgetting

Epiphany Couch

May 6–28, 2023

Opening Reception

Saturday, May 6 5-8 pm

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Sat-Sun 12-5pm
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Exhibition Statement

The History of Forgetting, Epiphany Couch's debut solo exhibition at Carnation Contemporary, is an exploration of ancestral knowledge and the complicated nature of memory. Through an intimate collection of assemblage, film photography, and unconventional artists’ books, Couch examines how we can emerge from a place of forgetting into one of remembering, honoring, and mending. Utilizing family stories, her own dreams, and materials found in family, tribal, and institutional archives, Couch creates a world of memorialization where the pain of things once lost is carefully held, acknowledged, and transformed.


Epiphany Couch is a multidisciplinary artist exploring generational knowledge, storytelling, and our connection to the metaphysical. By re-contextualizing traditional mediums such as bookmaking, photography, and sculpture, she looks to present new ways through which we can examine our pasts, the natural world, and our ancestors. Couch’s work is unapologetically personal, drawing from family stories, her childhood experience, archival research, and her own dreams. She utilizes the book not only as a format through which to share these stories but as a precious object — intimate and heirloom-like.

Couch is spuyaləpabš (Puyallup), Yakama, and Scandinavian and grew up in caləłali (Tacoma, Washington). She lives and works in Portland, Oregon. / @epiphany_couch_art

8371 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217

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