Splash Time

Leslie Vigeant

November 3–25, 2018

Opening Reception

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Splash Time dips into the eerie way in which our society glorifies the sexualization of young women and girls, and the convoluted way in which some women seek to regain that stripped innocence. After the slew of sexual assaults brought to light in the media this past year, from Larry Nassar to James Franco to President Trump, to the discussions around reversing Roe V Wade, Splash Time will look at the simultaneous way in which society diminishes grown women as childish, and likewise portrays young girls as adult. Sex sells and the fascination of youth as the height of sexuality despite the naiveté and uncomfortable circumstances is something worth looking into. Through the creation of Splash Time, I will be working through these inquiries. Through the exhibition and in-situ panel discussion, I will invite the public to work through them with me. It is my intention that this work sparks conversations and subsequent recognition of this complex paradigm.

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Photo credit: John Whitten

         Leslie Vigeant has been awarded a Project Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.      

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