Seeing You/Seeing Me: Conversation

Mami Takahashi

July 2 - July 31, 2022


Russell Borne

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Saturday, July 5  5-8pm

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Seeing You/Seeing Me: Conversation

Takahashi started making performances every day in 2014 to visualize her response to social, cultural, and political questions in her new home country. After her multiple solo public performances, she named this project "Seeing You/Seeing Me", which stems from her feelings on visibility/invisibility in US society. In 2021-2022, Takahashi is expanding this project into a community participatory project happening in multiple US locations with the hope to share the feeling with others.

In this exhibition, Takahashi shares documentation from this expanded version of “Seeing You/Seeing Me” from her first-time visit to GA in 2020, and her recent visit to MA in 2021. Takahashi also presents a sound installation with Adrian McBride in the courtyard during the opening.


Unattended by Russell Borne is abstractly about the passing of time. Time presses along in abstraction yet has a tangible effect of both decay and growth in our daily lives. While some moments seem to have an overabundance of time, other more precious moments seem to vanish before our eyes. The works in Unattended explore the different elemental experiences of time. Experiences of destructive, redemptive, and some places in-between.



Mami Takahashi
is a multidisciplinary artist from Tokyo, currently resident in Portland, Oregon. Using photography, performance, installation, and urban intervention, her practice explores the complexities of being an Asian woman struggling with US immigration. Previous exhibitions and performances have taken place at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, San Francisco Art Institute, The International Museum of Art, El Paso, Southern Alberta Art Gallery in Canada, Gwangju Folk Art Museum in Korea, Instituto Municipal del Arte la Cultura in Mexico and Toriizaka Art Gallery in Tokyo, among other venues. She holds an MFA from Portland State University and a BFA from the Joshibi University of Art in Japan.

Russell Borne creates a dialog invented through the interaction of objects to tell a story. He explores cultural identity to flip preconceptions of what you are looking at. In 2018 Borne co-founded Carnation Contemporary, an art gallery in Portland, OR. With a long career in art direction and design, he now leads North America Brand Design for adidas. He received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2014 and is currently based in Portland, OR. / @russellborne

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