My Private Property

Curated by Luiza Lukova

March 4 - March 26, 2023

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 4 5-8 pm

Open Hours

Sat-Sun 12-5pm
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Exhibition Statement

“I may not have been a writer at sixteen, but I was most emphatically a dreamer, and felt deliriously happy to be free…”
– Mary Ruefle, My Private Property (pg. 56)

In a contemporary context heavily inundated with and advanced by the art of commodification, what does the making of work rooted in honest connection and authentic self-perception continue to be? This exhibition, curated by Luiza Lukova, considers work generated at the intersection of new media and craft—artwork that is made with intention, with careful hands, and that speaks to collective experience.

Given a current “attention economy” heavily concerned with optics and speed, the influx of pre-deterministic AI-generated content is challenging our traditional understanding of creative capital. Do these advanced systems of building offer further creative freedom, or serve as barriers to the intuitive process of art-making? What forms can those avenues of expression embody, and how are they symbolic of our innate connective threads?


Luiza Lukova is a curator and arts writer whose work engages the intersection between language and visual story-telling as a way of shaping and reframing one's personal narrative. Lukova is the co-founder of homebase, a non-traditional backyard gallery space which operated from 2019-2021, producing exhibitions and public programming in conjunction with One Grand Gallery, Nationale Gallery, Well Well Projects, Power to the Dreamers (now UndocuPDX), and Art From All Angles Festival. Luiza Lukova was born in Razgrad, Bulgaria before immigrating to the United States; she is currently based in Portland, OR.


Itala Aguilera
Epiphany Couch
Claire Elliott
Simone Fischer
Eila Gustina
Carolyn Hazel Drake
Socascetica Viktor Kobylianskyi
Erin Langley
Nicholas Moler-Gallardo
Wade Schuster
Victoria Smits
Júlia Sodré
Salomée Souag
Kelsey Tynik
Brittany V. Wilder
ahuva s. zaslavsky

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