Heather Lee Birdsong

Portland, OR


Heather Lee Birdsong (b. 1984 in Spring Valley, Nevada) is an artist based in Portland, Oregon since 2005. Her areas of interest are printmaking, painting, books, and social psychology. Influenced by geometric abstraction and fairy tales, Birdsong’s recent works describe narratives and subtle social interactions using carefully orchestrated color palettes and precise forms.

Collections housing her artwork include the Visual Chronicle of Portland, Oregon; Ella Strong Denison Library, Scripps College; and the Albert Solheim Library at PNCA. She holds a BFA in Intermedia from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (2011). In addition to her fine art practice, Birdsong works as a freelance graphic designer and arts administrator, and serves on the board of the Northwest Art Council at the Portland Art Museum.


Instagram: @smidgeonpress

8371 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Open Hours
12-5 Saturday-Sunday

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