Almost Paradise

Outback Arthouse

January 2 - January 17, 2021

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Exhibition Statement

Just like that. We're knocking on heaven's door. And no one is home. A hopeful prayer can only be heard by Google. Almost Paradise is a hazy dream with 24-hour access preoccupation. Inundated by models of progress and mollified by the exaltation of perfected entertainment and technology, there are brief moments of cluelessness. Saccharine sweet. The performance of the past falls flat, the ante is upped, anything could happen. How could we ask for more?

About Outback Arthouse

Outback Arthouse is an artist-run curatorial project founded by Katie Holden, Kristin Hough and Julian Tan. Outback was created in 2018 in an effort to provide exhibition opportunities to emerging artists, and offer space for experimentation without the pressures of monetary gains. Since its inception, Outback has made an effort to connect local and out of state artists to create dynamic pairings and spark dialog between artists who might otherwise not meet. Originally hosting shows in a finished one car garage and backyard in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Outback has now expanded its practice to include site specific installations throughout Los Angeles and in Las Vegas.

Artists Include:

Katie Holden 
Kristin Hough
Julian Tan


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