Quinha Faria

April 6 — 28, 2024

Opening Reception

Saturday, April 5, 5-8 pm

Open Hours

Sat-Sun 12-5pm
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Exhibition Statement

“I’m coming into contact with a reality new to me that still has no corresponding thoughts and not even a word that signifies it –            

  it is a sensation behind thought.”  —
Clarice Lispector

Quinha Faria presents new work in conversation with Clarice Lispector’s 1973 book, Água Viva.

In Lispector’s novel, originally titled Atrás do Pensamento (Behind Thought), a painter sits down with her stream-of-consciousness to create a book of unconventional form and rearranged language.  Quinha responds to Lispector’s queries of existence and passing time with a body of work that diverges from her previous painting and textile practice. In order to fully surrender to the spirit of the work, she began and completed the majority of these paintings within two weeks of the show’s opening date.

Quinha also encourages visitors to consider the unseen elements of a space by inviting Tatiana Godoy-Betancur and Ryan Windus, who work with scent and sound, respectively.

Visitors to the gallery are welcome to touch the surface of the paintings with care.


Quinha Faria (b. 1988, Brazil) is a full-time Registered Nurse and a writer who developed a visual art practice while working with patients experiencing aphasia, disordered expression and/or comprehension of language. Inspired by bedside conversations at the hospital, Quinha tends to the places where words fall short or remain just out of reach. She often presents visual information that interrupts sense-making as an attempt to re-examine the possibilities of understanding.  Her work has been included at various national shows such as Vox Populi, Asian Arts Initiative, Mural Arts in Philadelphia and Frieze New York. Quinha is pursuing her MFA in painting at Bard College.

Tatiana Godoy Betancur (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and bodyworker born in Bogotá, Colombia, and currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her practice revolves around observing, exploring, and uplifting the relationship between transition, transformation, and wholeness. Focusing on the human experience of olfaction, Tatiana delves into scent as it relates to memory, emotion, and the healing potential of aromatic plants. She received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and her olfactory work has been diffused in gallery spaces including CUE Art Foundation and the Design Museum in London.

Ryan Windus, born in Portland Oregon, navigates the borders between sound and music, drawing inspiration from the open soundscapes of his experiences as a field researcher in SE Oregon and Wyoming. In his artistic practice, Windus delves into the subtleties of auditory textures. He investigates how these nuanced sounds evoke emotions, connecting the viewer to a particular space or moment. Windus' current focus shifts away from traditional instrumentation and structured compositions. Instead, he reimagines how these subtle sonic textures can evoke emotions and serve as an undercurrent to the visual art experience.

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