Call for Entry 

Future Timelike Infinity

There has been a recent emergence of contemporary art engaging with the non-human, alien, silent, and unseen.

Whether intuitive or deliberate, this shift towards a more speculative and philosophical approach to describing an interconnected, non-hierarchical worldview has sparked a new conversation concerning how we imagine things beyond ourselves and how we define humanity’s role within the cosmos. In order to grasp and address the rapidly changing global climate, artists are inventing new terms and devising new frameworks for ascertaining and expressing the nature of existence. Primitive ontologies, tentacular models of connectivity, and paradox are amongst the ever-expanding range of devices appearing in contemporary discourse.

In Future Timelike Infinity, Carnation Contemporary in collaboration with guest curator Michael Endo invites artists to manifest works that navigate these complex and unknown intersections.

Future Timelike Infinity is a group show that will be held at Carnation Contemporary, in Portland, OR, in March 2020.

How To Apply

Go to create a Café account, submit a minimum of 5 images then pay a $25 entry fee. Proceeds of entry fee go towards financing the exhibition.

Eligibility: National
Entry Deadline: Jan, 24th
Exhibition Date: March, 2020

For questions on the process please direct your emails to:

8371 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Open Hours
12-5 Friday-Sunday

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